A frustrating but rewarding game, Spelunky has been driving me bananas for the past couple weeks. Here are a handful of tips that you can use to help you survive the depths. 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project. 

Welcome to Episode 2 of Good Coop. Bad Coop. - a tale of three friends who love playing games together.

We have increased the roster this season and we are proud to introduce our guest host hp1703, the bringer of snacks, friendship, and awkward touching. Returning for another season is the man who breaks puzzles instead of solving them, Sunflower. Rounding out the trio is the most fashionable lumberjack - Locke.

Episode 2 has the trio driving through the forest, on the run from the gangsters who’s marijuana farms were lit up last week. Sit back, relax, and laugh along with the antics of Good Co-Op. Bad Co-Op.

Make sure to check out the full series on Co-Optimus.com. If you have suggestions for games, let us know we would love to hear them.

Big Chief Battles is a weekly video series that usually has 2 friends battling against each other. Sunflower and Locke are now joining forces to take on the rest of the world in Street Fighter X Tekken. 

Episode 5 features the following:

-Five riveting fights that against players that totally outclass us

-Locke plays as tomato Bob, Sunny swaps between Dhalsim and Hugo 

-Dial a combo all night long. 

Good morning friends. After a brief hiatus I’m happy to let you know that season 3 of Good Coop. Bad Coop is back. We have a couple one off episodes to start you off right. Enjoy the show as Sunflower and I take to the skies in Battlefield 3’s Fire From The Sky co-op mission.